Calling all speciality coffee roasters.

Like us, our customers are certain about one thing – They want to discover exceptional coffee from independent roasters like yourselves.

We want to partner with you to bring people the coffee they deserve, and to help promote your coffee and your business because you’re good at what you produce.

The Roast Club coffee subscription is aimed at those seeking to expand and develop their knowledge and palette through tasting wildly different coffees.

Our customers have 2 options when making their order:

detailed roast club coffee bag

Option 1:

Bags are labelled with information about that coffee (the roaster, the origin/region, processing type, flavour notes etc).

numbered coffee bag

Option 2:

The bags are simply labelled with a number. This is so the coffee can be blind tasted and cupped without origin or flavour bias. A URL will be provided to a specific page with more information on that coffee.

Our customers can then head to our site and discover more about what they’ve enjoyed, learn more about you, and compare tasting notes with other subscribers.

If you think about coffee in the same way as we do, why not work with us?

Our offering

We’re trying to stand apart. We want to bring new coffee experiences to our customers while promoting your business. Our customers want to discover incredible coffees while learning about and supporting independent roasters.

As well as seeking out the best speciality coffee shops and single origin coffees, they’re active and participate in various online coffee communities on Facebook and Reddit.

We’re all about interesting coffees. Our customers want to explore nuances of origin, terroir and processing type – not burnt tyre or carbon roast profiles.

Please send us small samples of the particular coffee you’d like to showcase, 50g is plenty. We’ll cup your samples and get in touch if we’d like to feature your coffee.

What if your coffee is chosen?

Where possible we’d like to come and visit you, grab some photos and a quick interview to learn more about you and your operation, ultimately to help promote you more to our customers.

We will create a unique profile/bio page to showcase your brand further, as well as going into much more detail about your coffee. We also promote your business with links to your site, product pages, blog posts and your social media accounts.

Ordering and shipping details

We ship on the 15th of each month.

Coffee freshness is paramount to our offering. We never hold stock of your coffee. We aim to process our shipments the day your coffee arrives with us.

We want customers to receive their coffee well within 4-5 days of roasting. This means a water (coffee) tight supply chain from you to us, and finally to the customer.

We will make our order with you a week before our shipment date, and we require your shipment with us no later than the 13th of the month.

We ask that you send us your coffee in wholesale bags for us to break down into our smaller 100g bags.

We also ask that you send us an empty retail bag for photography purposes on your roasters profile page.

Ready to showcase your coffee?

If you want to talk more about partnering with The Roast Club or just about life in general, please get in touch with Stu using the form below, or email