What is the The Roast Club all about?

The Roast Club is a premium speciality coffee subscription featuring amazing coffees from even more amazing coffee roasters.

Each monthly subscription features 4 x 100g bags from 4 different roasters.

Simple, right?

Do you feature the same roaster more than once?

While we might feature the same roaster more than once a year, you won’t receive the same coffee from them.

As coffee is so seasonal, we feature the best that’s on offer for that time of year. Depending on individual coffee roasters, they may stock and cycle more coffees each year – lucky for us!

So for example, we might showcase an Ethiopian coffee from Roaster X, then feature a Guatemalan from the same roaster later in the year…

Do you hold stock of coffee?


Coffee is delivered to us directly from the roaster in time for our monthly shipment date to our customers.

Prior to shipping we hold the coffee for less than 24 hours. Our shipment turnaround is very tight, meaning your coffee is the freshest it can possibly be. High-five!

How fresh is the coffee?

The freshest! We’re serious about coffee freshness.

After being roasted, coffee beans need to rest for a few days for optimum mouth enjoyment sensations.

Even coffee haters love that amazing fresh roasted coffee aroma… After roasting, coffee remains chemically volatile and continues to produce carbon dioxide and other gases (which smell so good). This is also why coffee bags have one-way valves.

Folks within the speciality coffee community agree that you should wait at least 3-4 days off the roast date before drinking for maximum flavour and enjoyment.

The coffee we order direct from the roaster is roasted and shipped to us within 24 hours.

What’s the shelf life of the coffee?

For years, the speciality coffee industry has been fighting for coffee to be treated like a fresh food, being that it’s effectively a roasted fruit seed that we all love and consume so much of.

Ideally, your coffee should be enjoyed within 3-4 weeks for maximum freshness. Although it will last much longer, staleness will creep in, creating unpleasant tastes.

Keep your coffee in a airtight container (like our beautiful bags), out of direct sunlight. And drink noisily with a huge smile on your face.

I don’t have a grinder. Would you grind my beans?

Coffee freshness is so important, and unless the beans are ground straight before being brewed, we’re not down with it.

As soon as the coffee is ground, chemical compounds are released and the amount of surface area of the coffee bean exposed to oxygen is increased – which equals stale coffee.

Do your tastebuds a huge favour and buy a burr grinder, and grind fresh every time.

What sort of bag does the coffee come in?

Our beautiful matt white coffee bags have a zip for freshness, a valve to aid with degassing after roasting. As well as being oxygen and light proof, constructed of 2-ply laminate. We love them.

How many cups of coffee do I get in each bag?

Each individual bag has 100g of coffee. By our trusted go-to coffee recipes that’s enough for:

  • 6 x 200ml Aeropress / Clever Dripper / French press (200ml @ 15g)
  • 8 x 200ml Pour-overs (200ml @ 12g)
  • 4 x 400ml Pour-overs (400ml @ 24g)

I loved a coffee you featured, how do I get more?

If you’ve tried a coffee you really like, search for the coffee number on the bag and check out the roasters page. All the coffees we feature from that roaster will be there for you to buy.

Will the coffee subscription box fit through my letterbox?

Yes! Our specially designed box is long and flat – perfect for standard letterboxes. No more long queues in the post office.

Do you feature blends?

In a word, no.

We feature single origin coffees that individually highlight origin, terroir, and process method nuance.

Blends are typically used for several reasons.

  • To create a unique flavour not possible with any one individual coffee
  • To complement milk-based espresso drinks
  • To allow for seasonality and crop quantities. Roasters might alternate a different coffee for their blend to help achieve flavour consistency for the flavour they have in mind

Do you feature dark roast coffees?


We feel that speciality grade coffee benefits from roast profiles that highlight origin flavours, rather than roast flavours.

Annoyingly, the word ‘bitter’ has been used to describe coffee since the dawn of time.

If those who can’t enjoy coffee without 4 squirts of hazelnut syrup were to try one sip of a cooled, natural processed floral Ethiopian – we would all be living in a better place!

While everyone has their own preferences, chain coffees shops and supermarkets have been peddling dark roasts forever to consumers who’ve never had the option to try anything else.

We dislike coffee that tastes like burnt tyres and carbon. We don’t like that vibe.

Is the coffee suitable for espresso?

There’s no harm in trying our coffees as an espresso – In fact we encourage it! Please tell us the results.

Coffees react (and taste) differently to how they’re roasted. Speciality roasters choose a roast profile based on the specific attributes they think the coffee has and can accentuate during roast development.

Coffees that are selected and roasted to be enjoyed as espresso or with milk, might fail to impress when enjoyed as a pour over – and vice-versa.

Is the coffee Fair Trade or organic?

Fair Trade is a standard that pays a base price above the commodity price it deems sustainable. The limitations of the Fair Trade agreement is that it only works with cooperatives of regional coffee growers and can’t work with individual farmers or estates.

The speciality coffee movement has moved away from commodity coffee where price is set by global demand, and quality and traceability aren’t priority.

The speciality coffee industry goes beyond Fair Trade as roasters often opts for ‘Direct Trade’ or ‘Relationship Coffee’ models.

These trade methods deal directly with growers and farmers. This has a dual effect: The farmer is incentivised to charge a sustainable amount, and the roaster has a traceable, quality product – which ultimately ends up in your cup.

So no, unless specified our features coffees do not have the official Fair Trade certification.

But be confident that you’re consuming a product that’s passionately produced, from seed to cup – by dedicated farmers, supported by an industry of coffee professionals eager for that to continue.

How does The Roast Club subscription work?

Each month, our coffee box with 4 different speciality coffees arrive with you. You can either buy this box on a one-off basis or have recurring monthly subscriptions.

Our coffee box ships once a month. If you subscribe, your payment will leave your account on around the 15th of the month.

What subscriptions do you offer?

We offer discounts if you buy 3-6-12 months of coffee box amazingness.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Absolutely. If you have a recurring subscription, you can pause your delivery until you’re ready for more coffee.

You can cancel whenever you like, with no cancellation fees (or hard feelings).

Is there anything added to the coffee?

You mean apart from passion, love, care and attention?!

No, there is nothing added to any of our coffees. No sugar, syrups, flavours or additives.

Help! My coffee hasn’t turned up.

Nooo! Did you check under the doormat?

Please check login to your Account, navigate to the ‘Track Package’ page to see the status of your package.

Otherwise, please get in touch and we’ll look into it.

What are your shipping options?

We ship our coffee box on or around the 15th of each month. All our shipments are tracked through our courier service, and you can login to your Account to track the shipment progress.

Shipping takes 1-2 days in the UK. 3-5 days worldwide.

Our amazing box will fit through standard letterboxes, so there’s no need to worry about your neighbours stealing your epic coffee.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship our amazing coffee box globally. There’s a flat shipping fee for international shipping:

  • £4.99 for shipping in within the EU
  • £7.49 anywhere else

Do you accept returns?

You can return your box unopened within 14 days of delivery for a refund.

As coffee freshness is critical, we cannot accept returns after this period.

But please get in touch if you have any questions about returns and we’ll try and help out as much as possible!

Is my credit card information secure?

Completely. Credit card information is transferred securely over SSL to our
certified payments provider, and isn’t stored or saved on our servers or databases.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please get in Contact, or ping us a message on Facebook