About Long and Short Coffee

London based Long and Short’s story and goals are simple.

They understand great coffee starts with the green bean and with a passion for all things coffee they aim to bring speciality coffee to the masses, sourcing the highest scoring beans and expertly roasting them fresh to order.

jeremy bagel long short

We grabbed a quick interview with Jeremy Bagel.

So, who are you and what do you do at Long and Short?

My name’s Jeremy and I’m co-founder, and head roaster at Long & Short.

Tell us a little about your own coffee story, where did it all start?

Like with most things I do – it’s a hobby I just took too far! After owning every brewing apparatus you could fit into a 2 bedroom flat, I then turned my hand to the art of roasting and well, several years later hope I’m now alright at it.

What’s Long and Short’s core philosophy?

There’s so much amazing coffee out there, but there’s still a huge gap between the coffee experts, snobs and gurus at the top of the chain, and those that unknowingly still think coffee tastes like the cheap bitter gunk that’s peddled commercially. We want to make the amazing coffee more accessible through education and pricing.

What’s been your most memorable coffee experience or that life-changing coffee?

Discovering that black coffee can taste better than awful. That moment you first taste fruits in a coffee.

What’s your go-to recipe for the Pereira that best highlights it?

Brazilian coffees are never going to be huge fruit bowls, but this one stood out for us on the cupping table against some stiff competition. We are currently using it for single origin espresso and for milk drinks, but I frequently still drink this myself through V60 pour over and the subtle raspberries continue to trick my taste buds everytime. It’s a decent crowd pleaser as it still tastes like “proper coffee”, but is interesting enough to please the fruit-spotters. 12-200 works and I use the 4/6 brew method.

What’s been your biggest learning in 2018?

Geeky one for the roasters, but learning more to appreciate relative rather than absolute numbers when it comes to roast profiling, although drop temp as a (sorta) absolute is still golden.

What can we look forward to next from Long and Short in the near future?

The pop-up in Brick Lane has launched or is launching (depending on when you read this) which will be an exciting time for us to really get the product in front of customers using a “Taste Flight” mechanism, similar to the Pepsi-Coke tests I remember doing at the funfair as a kid. This time we’ll be pitching tasting notes, origins and processing methods – can you taste the difference? What better way than this to also get feedback for the excellent range of coffees we expect to receive this year.