About Fjord Coffee

Fjord Coffee is a joint coffee roasting project by the Berlin-based specility coffee shops, Silo Coffee & Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers.

Their aim is to source coffees that have exceptional qualities, usually gained through education and infrastructure at the origin of the coffee, and that contribute to an economically sustainable relationship between coffee farmers at origin and coffee drinkers.

Their combined experiences of running successful cafes have lead to a customer orientated product and service. It’s critical to Fjord that their customers are delighted with the coffee they drink.

alice nedin fjord coffee

We grabbed a quick interview with Alice from Fjord

So, who are you and what do you do at Fjord Coffee?

I am the Accounts Manager at Fjord Coffee. We are still quite a small team which means we all end up doing a variety of things but my primary role is to keep our clients happy and make sure their experience of Fjord is as pleasant and smooth as possible. This can mean anything from product matching to organising ordering schedules to staff training.

Tell us a little about your own coffee story, where did it all start?

Like most people from ‘my generation’ of coffee, I first came across speciality coffee in Australia during a short spell of living in Perth. On returning to London I decided I wanted to work full time in coffee and got a job for Taylor St Baristas where my education really began. From there I have had many roles from barista to head barista to area manager to quality control manager.

What’s Fjord Coffee’s core philosophy?

We want to offer an ethically sourced, high quality product, which celebrates the natural sweetness and individual flavours of each coffee. All of this next to best possible customer service, offering a personalised experience based on the needs of each customer.

What’s been your most memorable coffee experience, or that life changing coffee?

Everyone in the coffee industry can remember the first time they tried a coffee which knocked their socks off for me it was a natural Yirgacheffe from, I think, Square Mile. But to be honest its the community of the industry that has given me the highlights. From enlightening conversations over coffee bars, to bustling coffee festivals to unforgettable (and legendary) La Marzocco parties. The friendships and memories I have made in the last seven years are the life changing things.

What’s your go-to recipe for the Macuba that best highlights it?

I try to avoid giving specific recipes as the results can differ so much depending on an almost infinite amount of things, (water, process, grind size, freshness, personal taste).

But for any filter coffee I would suggest 60/70g per litre of water. Always use fresh filtered water and trial and error. Also, don’t forget the bloom!!

What’s been your biggest learning in 2018?

Working for Fjord has allowed me to meet so many different people from many different corners of the coffee industry. Learning how potentially wide our industry is and how many corners of the world we can be part of has been amazing!

What can we look forward to next from Fjord Coffee in the near future?

Actually quite a lot. We have some exciting changes coming up in the next few months, unfortunately, they are all very hush-hush at the moment. But keep your eyes out for the big reveal!

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