About Alpha Coffee

Based out of Austria, ALPHA coffee is owned and operated by couple Daniel and Katrina. Like us, they live and breathe coffee, and their goal is to create a new coffee culture where incredible coffees speak for themselves and are easily accessible.

They only select very special coffees from selected fincas (farms), and roasting them with great care in the Nordic / Scandinavian style, focusing on single origins only.

So Daniel, who are you and what do you do at Alpha Coffee?

I am co-founder of ALPHA coffee, and within our small team we source great green coffee and roast them!

Tell us a bit about your own coffee story – Where did it all start?

It all started with passion, something definitely needed it this business. Passion took us so far, then about 4 years ago Karina, my wife, and myself decided to start ALPHA coffee. We set up a fine roastery from scratch here in the beautiful Viennawoods, just outside Vienna.

What’s Alpha Coffee’s core philosophy?

We do high-quality single origins only and roast them in a Scandinavian style, thus rather bright for Austrian standards.

Tell us a bit about your operation at Alpha Coffee, what are you roasting on?

We’re roasting on a 6 kg Giesen roaster, a W6A and using Cropster (a great Austrian company we are very proud of 🙂

What’s been your most memorable coffee experience, or that life-changing coffee?

My coffee journey started on my 30th birthday when I got an Espresso machine as a joint present. From then on I was diving deeper and deeper into the amazing world of coffee.

What’s been your personal brew recipe for the Slopes of 8 that best highlights it?

I love this coffee, it tastes amazing and tells a great story of 8 farmers who grow, process and sell the coffee themselves.

I use 1 1:17 ratio (e.g. 18g of coffee / 305g of water), blooming for 30 sec with 40g of water (with stirring), then one slow pour with the remaining water. Aiming for a total brew time about 2:15 minutes and a TDS of 1.32.

What can we look forward to next from Alpha Coffee in the near future?

We are striving for the right pace of development, we want to expand our filter and espresso range on a seasonal basis and want to get more and more exposure internationally.

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