March’s official box has launched!

Thank you for all the support and orders over the past couple of months. Huge thanks to the beta testers involved behind the scenes on the run up to March’s launch for all the feedback.

Getting to this stage has been more challenging than we imagined, but it’s been a great experience so far.

March has been particularly challenging for co-founder Stu, as he broke his arm badly a few days before shipping. Eloise had to work double-time (and be doubly patient) getting everything packed and ready on time. Props to Eloise!

Ready to go!

You can read more about the roasters by clicking the links below. Their profile pages feature interviews and links to their sites and social accounts.

March’s box contains coffees from: Assembly Coffee, Bonanza Coffee, Fjord Coffee and Long & Short Coffee.

Click the links or labels below to read more about each coffee in March’s box. You can comment with your flavour notes on each coffee, and upload photos and reviews.

Assembly Coffee Danbi Uddo
Bonanza coffee dorali osorio
fjord coffee - macuba
Long and Short Coffee Pereira

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