About The Roast Club

The Roast Club was founded by Stu and Eloise, a pair of committed coffee geeks who simply wanted to enjoy lots of different coffees from a lot of different speciality roasters.

Through our own adventure into the world of speciality coffee, we want to inspire people to appreciate their coffee further through a greater understanding of the nuances it offers.

A stint of long-term travel and a couple of years in Australia truly cemented our coffee addiction, and returning to the UK in 2015, we set out discovering the homegrown speciality coffee market closer to home.

We’re about discovering mind-blowing coffees being produced in an incredibly fast moving industry, while supporting producers and small businesses.

Our personal ethos and passion carries over to The Roast Club:


We want to try different coffees on a regular basis, from independent roasters doing great things. I mean, who doesn’t?


We’re learning to appreciate coffee further through a greater understanding of the nuances it offers, and by properly tasting and evaluating.


We’re always seeking out better and better coffees, developing our knowledge (and tastebuds) as we go.

We were bored of getting coffee from the same roasters all the time. We wanted to discover different coffees, from new roasters.

The Roast Club is perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking to take their knowledge and tasting ability to the next level.

Like most consumers, we would unintentionally make our coffee purchase based on brand bias, or because we found an origin we really liked. Buying a 250g bag of coffee felt like too much if we weren’t sure about the roaster or origin.

We found we were getting stuck in a rut with our choices, opting for the safe bet and sticking with the same roaster.

The Roast Club is about learning and discovering more of what the speciality coffee industry has to offer, at the same time preferably drinking a load of coffee in the process and supporting an industry we love.

Having a coffee subscription from only one roaster didn't suit our desire to discover new coffees.

We hope you can join us on our adventure!

If you have any questions about The Roast Club, then head to the FAQ page, or use the form on the Contact page.

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